Monday, June 17, 2013

Took care of some phone calls

You know how you get a few phone messages and you let them sit there on the answering machine a few days.  Well maybe you don't...and It's just me.  But I did that let them sit and yesterday I returned a few phone calls.  One I made to say I won't be able to make the event/tea party because I was invited to be part of my young adult daughters movie night...don't want to miss that as I don't see and spend a lot of time with them as I use to.  So this is a big deal as we are all Sandra Bullock fans in our house...she's kind of our woman Hero and we all want to see Big night. 

And then I made the Father Day call to my Day in WI.  I'm a goofy rambling see my dad doesn't say to much and I know he has great love but words are scares so I end up sharing tons of Gemini's gift to gab...or ramble on.. it's so good to hear is voice...they were heading out for the favorite pizza place.

And then I called Uta Mooney,  This lady I met on line here by a fluky thing...I think she contacted me about my art or something and I had just started an on-line artist way group and invited her on...and from there we stay in communication and last year I met her in person...So to hear her voice again was great as she's back in the states and staying with a Author Glenn who was also in the artist way and there are putting on a exhibit of words and paints with his book he just wrote and her paints about the cool. But what neat is sharing with her about the creative process and what happens behind the scenes.  Connection and it's great...I have witness her growth as a person and an artist. 

Well Father's day seem like it was good day for the man around here...He went on a Motorcycle ride to Oshkosh WI.  Followed and hugged the lake all the way up.  It's a joy to sit at the dinner table and listen to the adventure he had...So glad he took the time to do that...the man works hard for the family and his children.

Well time to pack up, We are making some paper today in the Basic Design class at Mayslake and it's should be a great day for outside, as we will be making magazine papers with Nevr Dull. 

After class I have to head in to the City to pick up my work and a few other artist friends work from our MCS Show at the Zhou Bro. Art Center.  It was an amazing show of proud of the members.  What's so cool is watching them grow over the past 10 years...

Made it to the studio and working on my last piece the dull pink, gray and white one...having some fun with it..Then on to the Violin and the rest of the summer will be mine to explore and play with.


  1. Question: You commented on a previous post about liking to use National Geographic with Never Dull because of the quality of paper. A friend told me that the paper of the newer issues is thinner. So, what do you use, older issues? If so, where do you get them?

  2. Hi...I found the Nat. Geo. from say about 1990 and more recent are the best...the soy inks seem to be what is different and the papers..the old Nat. Geo's the paper I found was thinner and the inks off or old looking.

    Well that's what I share with my students is to purchase or find the 1990 and more recent.


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