Friday, May 24, 2013

The Need to Know what's Next?

Too funny how we all want to know or find out like that will help us prepare and be on our toes and ready for anything...but if we really did know what was to happen do you think we would be happy with it...?  Would we accept it any easier if we knew in advance what was round the next bend? 

Needing to know can set you/I up for a whole bunch of distorted thinking...circling is more like it...when I personally get in this crazy mind thinking pattern I have to stop really just STOP...and see what I've been doing or where I'm circling.  When and why does this thinking start?  that's another question I'm asking myself.  In my case it's when I spend to much time wandering around on the Facebook and doing the social thing that "Everyone is suppose to be doing"  and helping yourself market what your doing.   When I wander around and really see what everyone is doing then I spend no time doing what I'm suppose to be doing...rambling here...

So I'm to get together with my art tribe and I'm debating if I should enter the One of a Kind's a big investment that has no guarantee it will pan out even to get my money I invested in it back or that I'll sell out too, that could happen on a positive note. Well I went on the site and looked at all the artist that I know that are doing "it"...then I think should I be doing "it"...I'm going to bring it to my art tribe next Tuesday night...the husband thinks it's risky to do it and if I decided to he'll help. That's music to my ears that he respects me enough to allow me to make that choice and he'll back me up on it. What a sweetie..

Then there's the things that I truly with my gut feel like are already in motion...and see more of the workshops and small venues of exhibiting.  Though they are hard work..."hard work never hurt anyone"  I feel I need to trust the gut on I really know what is right or which direction. 

Well here goes...for some time now I've felt the need to tap into a more spiritual side of the creative process... and along with that comes, "Find something you love to do and you never have to work a day in your life." Can that be still true?  Can one live their dream...I believe so.  Will it be easy?  No but will be character building for sure, will it be journey? will it be an adventure? will it be exciting and be my drama?   all Yes on these answers

I've tried to listen more to the gut this year and the flow  of my thought process...hear me out.  "God's got a Plan for me."  So when I don't know I turn to that saying/mantra and find comfort in it and realize that all myself there's been surprising moments when I've felt lost or in big doubt that direction has come as of which way to go...what choices to make, what classes to teach, etc. Never fails me. As of now I'm in the works to set up an Artist Way course at Mayslake Peabody Estate, it will be over 4 months long because of the holiday in the late fall and winter. It's something I've wanted to do for so long...I'd just be the gate keeper of the course the rest is up to the individuals that decide to take's about Good Orderly Direction in one's life anyways, 

As I write this out I feel stronger in flowing the gut instinct over super art coachy-stuff (don't know why I sound so negative about the art coaching stuff sounds silly as I write this out)  as of push get out there, crack the whip, get on more on the social scene and do this, do that more ...??? I'm spinning already.  Not that I'm afraid it's more of... I'm follow what is true for myself and the approach to things.

Here's what I's nice to have a little nest egg in the bank and not spend it right away and re-invest it back into the "company so to say"  as of jumping into the One of Kind show. (big bucks) Good for some people but not sure for me...The idea popped into my head to look into projector for my lap top.  I could use it as a teaching tool...when I get thoughts like this it excites me more then the angst of should I or should I... do the One of a Kind show...

Then I get what's working in my life, Question....I've been teaching in some form or another for over 20 years easy. Though it takes from me it fulfills me more so then doing a anxiety ridden as I type this out on the blog I've coming to an understanding to trust the gut...Intuition is my word for the year and I've always had it but seeking to tune into it more...Dailing up to a better reception is all...Talk about rambling..

I've wanted to give it try and please forgive me for the first time video experience, hoping to get more comfortable with my own voice and babbling away on video...only music now,  so if you want to see where the gut lead me a few months ago here's where....Collage process video's


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