Thursday, March 21, 2013

Created some postcards today

I spent a good 7 hours on this today and I have to say my legs are a bit sore from standing at my one table station I work at. Totally got lost in the creative process. I had thought about take a walk but the need to be in the studio was stronger..I was to get going on my violin but did some work and let it dry and then I started on a bit 18 x 24 sheet of watercolor paper and coated the whole thing...let it dry and thought about working on it all at one time as of the whole big sheet but it was way to thin a surface for down when the straight edge and off to the paper cutter to get just a few 4 x 6's going.
I call them Random Reacts as they were again all done mostly at the same time..the ones with the little cream colored squares are one series and the one with the black circles is the others. 
Now to go watch a  Movie with the Husband..needing to put my feet up.


  1. Love the palette and the shapes. You choose your designs very well.

  2. Thanks Jo...just using the scrapes.


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