Saturday, February 16, 2013

Working on 13

 Here are the 13 collages, smaller when finished they will be 6 x 6 and mounted on a nice mat board..thinking of a black one, but will have to see when all done. 1st papers down is the book page. just torn and random placed.
 Next is the color gray added with actually a plastic icing spreader I got from the Restaurant supply store..really like that tool. This is then let dry.
 Wax Crayon in left hand, arm swirling around and then to the surface I leave my mark intuitively. Each one right after the other. No thinking at all just a pure reaction to the moment as each one surfaces waiting for me connect.

Close up I used Black and white over the gray acrylic and words.
 Next came the silver hot foil that quickly lash on with the tack iron..laid down the strip of foil and touched the surface with the iron and the silver released on the surface.

Not sure if you can see the white tape all around the edge of the watercolor paper this will be cut off after I'm finished and Yes I may cut of some important parts..just part of the process of letting go..I have image transfers to apply but not yet sure were and may wait till tomorrow. This is a process of not thinking it's about trusting the placement and the instinct of the choice..not sure if it a place I always want to be in but it's a safe place to act upon that freeing I do enjoy creating this way now and then.

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