Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trips, Journal and ICE exhibit piece

Here's my Oldest, I had her stop and I snapped a picture of her with my camera photo as I was ready to drive her to the train so she could head out from Union Station to Washington DC and then she was to head up the East coast to New Jersey.  She's there and enjoying her visit with her high school friend Trisha.  She's 28 and a Graphic Artist for Whole Foods in Sauginash(sp) Chicago.  So proud of her.
 My personal journal is now christened with the written words...
I bought different paper for the journal..cheaper then the other papers and smoother but still a 24 lb paper which I like... I make 10 signatures with 10 sheets of paper folded in half and that you can see here in the photo. 

OK this little diddy is a 4  x 4 collage on watercolor paper, with layers and layers of activity, from a smug of paint to a layer of paper then a splatter of paint and on and on it went.  They are now mounted with a foam core backing to a black piece of mat board -color name Raven Black...thought that was cool when I ordered them.. I would like to make a sheet to slip into the plastic sleeve that each of these are in and then make a copy of each of them and run to our local Staples and make a book for myself to keep.  I did this once before and it's great as a keepsake.  

Well need to make more papers for my demo today. 


  1. Love your newest journal. Looks great.

  2. What a nice trip for your daughter! And, of course, love love love your journal and your idea of the book to be printed!


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