Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the Husband shares

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to look at this but this morning was different. A video shared by my husband about his kind of art. It's a bit long but beautiful. Take the moment if you're any kind of a creative spirit you will relate to it.  All that this elder shares of his art form I can surely relate to. And the place that he lives..My heart was toughing to let go of a tear for the passion my husband has about building his bike. 

I'm working on a piece right now that I have no idea where it really is going but each time I work on it a little bit more gets revealed as of what it's to become and I'm OK with that... True creating at it's core I feel. You show up to the space where you create and for me I put on my apron I'm there ready to start the relationship of creating.  Between the material in your hands to the surface it will be come.

One of 13 as you can see the white tape lines, a portion of the edge will be cut off. I've got many layers already on this and yesterday I did the zig-zag stitch and the straight stitch in cream colored thread,(was what was in the machine) and then I came back into it and rub some black of the thread and it soaked it right up. I wanted the stitching to be seen. Working with part of the color white, gray and black.

These will be small but hoping they make a big impact.  Now to find out where to put the image transfer and then to finalize the piece up compositionally. They have to be in Australia by March 20th...I'm really burn my buns on this one.. hahaha.

Off to teach my last class at Naperville Art League..Can't believe it's the last class?



  1. That was a wonderful video!! Thanks for sharing! It's so true.....when you work with your hands, time stands still.

  2. Glad you enjoyed ti Robin. I know I was inspired for the husband.


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