Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Today.....

A stack of papers...not the kind I so enjoy playing with... you see with looking into the up dates on the website I seen that I've not updated my resume or some like to call it a CV.  I think the last time was in 2010 when I posted it on the how do you do that, up date the resume...? Well I have records of all the things I've been doing, demo, classes, workshops, exhibits and art to sort this pile out today and pick the most important ones and then sit and type it out...My oldest daughter just left this morning for New York, had to take her to the Airport at 5:00am week vacation, so I'm a bit off kilter this morning but not so much that I can't get in to this pile.  And then after that I get to up load the pdf on my site too.  I know this will take all day...I think I can do this as I just go in to the back of the html and copy it....I can do that, well I think I can..

I was able to also order some ink for my big color laser printer..that time of year when I need to restock everything.  I've also got to order more tack irons and a few other things... Makes it easier for me when I have a workshop I just grab from the workshop closet and off I go..instead of worrying if the supplies will come in time for the next workshop..  one day I might stop doing this but for now it seems to be the system.

I finished #6, I call it "Emergent"  I added the hanging and backing on it yesterday so I might drop it off today to get photographed or wait till tomorrow not sure how things go.. Darn Paperwork and computer geeking..

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  1. It's done...only took me about 4 1/2 hours...but I did it...check that off the list from hell...


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