Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sad excitment yesterday and on to the next page.

Yesterday I had my book club and when I came back from that there was a pickup truck and a long trailer on the side of the road...Husband was off of work/rain day.  He had put his broken chopper up on Craigs list for sale...As he said he turned the page...or went to the Dark side...which isn't really the dark side... just leaving the chopper building part of his life...but will still be building another bike shortly... These two bike guys are from Mississippi and the one gentlemen is a Air Guard...and on leave right now to scout out and pick-up Suzuki motorcycle parts all over the United States..They were on there way to Michigan and seen the husband broken bike for sale..(blown engine) and had to stop and see it...well let me say it went to a good home. 
The guy's one little dog, Dakota and Hank really liked each other and wanted to play. Here is the Geezer Glide another one will be in the process of building soon it's now in the incubation period. (Ideas in the husbands mind)

The hand shake with  a Sad Soul and the happy fella....I had some tears for the husband about a creation he made and now it's gone...The bike that he dreamed about and built.. so sad to see it go...but as a Friend of mind Mary Gayle told me.."Honey life is about Letting Go"  I see that ever so truly lately..and on to the next page..

There are some cool people out there and this guy was one of them so happy for him we could see his excitment beaming from him...Never has owned a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and now he's the proud owner of a Custom built chopper that was featured in the The Horse Magazine (Sept. 2011) Pan Head as the Guys say it in the garage around here.. And he gets to rebuild the new engine for it which he has plans keep this for about ten years.


  1. Isn't meeting strangers just sooo cool?! Love that the new creation went to a worthy home...this sounds so much like your young leaving the nest. Changes. Good changes.

  2. ch-ch-ch-changes...

    Here's to creating spaciousness in order for new dreams to blossom...

    Light and love to you both !

  3. it sure is fun meeting people especially when you think there are ones like you out there...you graced with them unexpectly and feel really good about it all.

    and yes Change is enevidable..did I spell that right...well you know what I mean...it's always happening and for the better.


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