Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paperwork done in one arena but not the other

Yes, homestead bills, contracts and some misc paperwork is done and ready for the postie to gather up from out of the mailbox. Yesterday was a very productive day...I was very surprised by the amount of stuff that got ta da list...few hours of paper, lawn cut, assemblage piece picked up listed and title cards made for hanging on Sunday, a walk in the was just so beautiful I stopped many times to view the wild flowers.  Virgina blue bells, Toothworts and Trout Lillies all over the place. And managed a art tribe meeting at night too. well there was some other things but I'm not going into the whole was a very good full day.. I would say I lived it well.

And here now the other arena of paper work that must get done...I'm in the process of building a palette of papers to collage's best if I trust the instincts on this and make the papers instead of trying to repeat papers from another piece...never works out.. always good to keep the fresh influences going on in my work.. I let Sophie our Paper loving cat walk over the papers so you could see the size of what I'm making..a whole lot bigger then a magazine page...I've added some color to them but the ones underneath I need to do the many layers of glazing. And start on a few other kinds of papers.  I do have to pack up supplies and odds and end for class tomorrow too and get ready for three demo's on Monday that Riverside Brookfield class after another.. so busy April for me.. again I'm working in what I love to do so hard as it is to juggle it it's still living the dream and not complaining just stating the reality of with I'm off busten' a move and going to be listening to some good music too.

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