Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day one at Mainstreet Art Center

I'm heading off to teach the second day of The Mainstreet Art Center collage workshop. I didn't know this art center has been running strong for 17 years. Frankie the art centers director and Karen one of the teachers are in the workshop so they get a chance to learn how to do collage with the Tack Iron method.

I have 11 students including Frankie and I have them hustling up and down this one hall way.

to this back room...with the workshop and creating the palette of papers we do need space for the papers to lay and dry or for us to use the hair dryers.."only blow the fuse once" Thankfully Frankie and Fred, Franzens' Husband was there to reach up and give us shorties a hand and flip the circuit.   And then we were up and running down the hall again..

It was hard for me to believe that the room would fit us all...but it did, I will have my camera with me today instead of tucked away in the bottom of a bag I left in my hotel room...(silly me)  And I want to get a few picture of the colored papers laying on the floor in the back room I showed above...from the morning seen where the trusted me and follow like puppies and not totally sure what they were doing to adding the color by afternoon...I heard a few Oooos and ahaaaa's going on..

We will be working a few exercise piece this morning to learn the technique of the tack iron...which I only showed them once...some times revealing to much to soon gets ya confused so as hard as it is to hold back my excitement to show them the first day I do and save it for when it needed and try to keep a flow going..

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  1. Looks like fun and I what a cute storefront. I know they're going to love the class, Laura!


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