Sunday, December 25, 2011

Perspective and Discovering it.

Detoxifying your thinking to your art and you place as an artist in our society. Art is tonic and medicinal for us all. As an artist, you are a cultural healer...Wow to think like that is something... Think about it though all cultures that flow the thread of creativity in, out and all around every inch of there historical presents seem to be a Happier society.

It's Christmas morning..and everyone is still sleeping, we got in late last night from my sister house so here I'm sitting at the kitchen table drinking my morning coffee and eating a few sweets with it.. Just finished up my morning venting and then I could help myself but follow my routine and continue reading the next weeks chapter in Walking in this World...What a wonderful weeks beginning read it is..This time in the morning is silent and all mine to focus on my personal thoughts and gain a bit of grounding, centering and put on my spiritual boots for the day.. So here goes...on Christmas morning...I almost want to be ashamed that I went on to do this but this whole holiday season stuff has some much added emotional drama to it that where I am right now doing what I doing is really a good wholesome place to be.  I haven't decided if I'll take a morning walk in the woods..that sounds so inviting...

Medicine-Creativity is in our blood. In our DNA... Most often, people are creative in many forms. It's is the excess of creative energy , not the lack of it that is what makes people feel- and get labeled crazy. Julia shares a story of a young woman that started doing the Morning pages, artists dates and walking and how her mood lightened. You see this young woman tried all things to get the quick fix on life but once she put the practice of the three simple daily and weekly task to work in her life, her energy steadied, and her optimism did not so much return as to make a first appearance on the stage of her adult life..   The words appeared on the stage of her adult life...not that we have to get all serious about things but by taking responsibility for herself with some estimable action she was becoming the person she was meant to be...A Creative human being.  As the story goes on....Self-expression began to heal her character issues that years of therapy had not touched. As she found a way to channel and express her colorful inner selves, her life took on a gentler yet more vibrant shape and her dreams took on technicolor clarity. 

Using our creativity is therapeutic, but that is not because we need to be fixed. What we need is to be expressive. So I ask myself now what is it inside of me that needs to be express?  Can you say what that is right now?  do you know?  and can you express it? 

The human being, by definition , is a creative being. We are intended to make things and in the old phrase, to "make something of ourselves." When we loose interest in ourselves and our lives, when we tell ourselves our dreams don't matter or that they are impossible, we are denying our spiritual heritage. When we do this we become depressed and drained, even physically ill. We become snappish, irritable, high-strung. We are miserable-miserable because we have stifled our creative selves.   When we hide ourselves from others and from ourselves. it's is the hiding of our true nature that makes us feel or act Crazy. Some of us may carry around "word wounds" Example for me is I don't know where you coming with that it makes me question but it also demonized creativity. 

Practicing our creativity is healing. Not because we are sick but because we are essentially well. What is healed is the rift between our spiritual stature and our mistaken perception of ourselves as flawed.  Creativity is medicine. It is not dangerous or egotistical. it's is life-affirming and essential.

Creative change begins in the heart.  When we start within ourselves and move outward, expressing that we love and what we value, life gets better, we feel better, and with world gets healthier too.
Sour society, even our world, might be "sick" but we carry within us the exact medicine to heal it and ourselves.  That Medicine is creativity...

Just this past holiday weekend, I've experience some unsettling family riff lets say and I really wished it hadn't blown up but it did and now is the time to sort and heal and work throw it and what I've learned for myself is I have to be creative to get through.  I'm not sure about everyone else but just what was shared above I find helpful. Off to continue to be creative.

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