Friday, July 22, 2011

3000 miles...

I'm heading out today before any storms coming and complete another goal of mine...3000 miles. I've been keeping track since 2007 and it's now four years after I started and I'm at almost 3000 miles recorded.  that's from walking, biking, hiking, and granny running.. Never know where you go unless you start being aware and keeping track of it.. The first year I was a little obsessed as I get sometimes and I racked up 1000 miles..but I've slacked off a bit I don't want major injuries so I wouldn't be able to do plan is head to the woods for my physical medicine and then a little bit a clothes shopping..yes all what and home to shower up and cook my salmon and working on my new piece I started yesterday in the studio..." iii me us" ...

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  1. Well I've not made it upstairs yet to the Studio..change of plans and that's OK...I made it to 3000 of exercising and tacked on few extra too with walking the dogs.

    I have to toot about this as I was able to walk two mile around to warm all the muscles and then tally up 8 granny miles...or trot runs...nothing to fast and smooth and nothing to much on the knees..mainly about swing the arms and getting a nice gliding motion going.


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