Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home and some what back to normal

Tulip Maple
I've got a few picture of the falls and water but this was on the bridge as we walked over to Goat Island and I had to stop...if we every purchase a tree, this is one of them ones I would like to purchase along with a sycamore maple.  I love the shape of the leaves and the flower that we where there a huge Bumble bee landed.  It was neat to show my husband Randy what it looks like I said there is one down the street on Iris by our house.   

Advised by my Daughter boyfriend to make sure we took the ride on Maid of the Mist,which we did but this is picture of the boat taking another group out. It sits there for a moment so we can all feel the mist and the power of the water... it was grand.

Speaking of grand here is looking over the railing by the Horseshoe Falls which is part of the Canadian side but we can stand by the you can see the rainbow happening...

The husband and I were in the transit for at lest 10 hours both ways and had a full day of Niagara Falls in New York for the whole day on this is we are both not cut out for the tourist part of the visit...we really can leave that behind... With my cold that was coming on I was so grateful that the weather was in the mid 70's and there was a breeze cause if it was hotter I would not have made it...darn cold...My son has it and then another person I came in contact had it before I left and I remember telling myself wash your hands and I didn't and there you go...germs jumped and I got it..

So back home and getting my act back in gear big new tent came yesterday and I've not opened it up level is low...big job to open and see how it all goes together. So I stayed on the smaller task and did a bit of drawing in my MYM journal and found out I have 7 people in my Workshop at Naperville so taking the small steps forward on that one...

So with that I'm off and moving slowly to the list today and progress will happen... a nice walk in the woods would do this gal wonders...and that's just what I'm going to give myself this morning.. a little me time..

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  1. Hi Laura, hope you are soon over that naasty cold. I've never seen a tulip maple before. You MUST get one... it's gorgeous. The 'Maid In The Mist' looks like quite an experience. Great photo.


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