Monday, January 31, 2011

Need to put the blinders on today

Yes that's what I need to do and not for the snow coming in...Mainly for the wonderful things happening and the need to stay focused and not to go astray... Today I am honored to be judging a show at the Beverly Art Center in Chicago of Argo Community High School Students work...(Oh my gosh)   No OH MY GOSH!!  I'm just so excited to see the work of the young folk.. I only hope I can do a good job too.  I panicked a bit because I thought I had to be back there on Tuesday Night for the Reception party with the Snow coming, red flag was waving in the back of my mind...but I looked at my information I wrote down a while ago and it says Wednesday night so I'm hoping that is right and I didn't do a blunder and write down the wrong date...I'll find out soon enough at 12 :00 today... Eating breakfast and then getting myself to the market...need some food in the house...was playing too long in the studio all weekend to bother about food but today is a must, then I'm planning on getting a new recipe started and cooking that up before I have to leave and judge the show...So with all this rambling I'm out of here...

Good thoughts for the elders, sick, young, good friend and strangers today..


  1. You will great at judging. I have no doubt about it. Have fun babe!

  2. OK, I could actually, conceivably get my net-butt kicked, but, well...I am an artist, too, and you know how we are...

    Don't neglect the ball of energy (is that "Hank"?) and you'll gain way more than you could ever imagine.
    Being a buddy earlier will imprint to the dog, and later when you REALLY need some down time, you'll be able to negotiate some.

    Have a 16 year old Belgium Shepherd on a fast track to a memory...which is sad...but I've not too much time to think about it as there's a new arrival...had a liter as early as she could and dumped (long story, but all dogs I've had were dumped one way or the other) and figure she may be about a year?

    You know, outside of a dog, a book is mans best friend.
    Of course, inside a dog, it's too dark to read...


  3. Hi there Boneman, I don't know your real name so I'll go with that...thanks for you sharing about the your dog and you nice little quote.. your right about the dogs being the buddys we so need and good to hear you were there for the pups that were dumped...always a hard one... share more when you can..

    Uta- I'm waiting for the picture so I can show them...left inner parts to my camera in the lap top so I didn't have them all to work with and share...darn it..memory where did it go? or is it my mind I keep leaving behind.. hahaha.

  4. Enjoy the show! I'm sure it'll inspire!


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