Monday, July 19, 2010


Self-esteem requires more of you then looking at yoruself in the mirror and delcaring, "I'm perfect, just as I am."
   Unfortunately, women (like men) entertain may fallacious notions about what will nuture self-esteem. When the strategies dont' work, they typically blame themselves but rarely questions their underlying assumptions. If only I say my afirmations every day ---if only I do enought community service-- if only I find a group of friends to supporme with their approval---If only I get this promotion---if only I connect with Mr. Right---then I'll have self-esteem. 
   The truth is, some of these attainments might make on happier(although not neccessarily), but not generated self-esteem. Self-esteem is a reflection of how we live, how we meet the challenges of life, not what we have, or how ewe look, or how popluar we might be. One of the most important sources of self-esteem is the integrity we bring to our daily activities--- the congruenced between our words and our actions.
   When we keep our promises, honor our commitments, deal with others honestly , fairly, and straightforwardly --when we behave in ways we are able to respect--we produce a result far more powerful thatn the approval of others.  We approve of ourselves. We feel: I am a person I (and others) can trust; I am proud of my moral choices; I like and admire the kind of person I have made of myself. this is what it means to have self-esteem.   A discussion was brought up at a conference Mr. Brandon was at as to what people do that wounds self-esteem.    What came from that is, we do need principles to guide our lives, and the principles we accpet had better be resonable because if we betray them, our self-esteem will suffer. Intergrity is one of the guardians of mental health.. 
Sentences to complete as an exercise:
If I brought 5% more integrity to my daily activities----
If I brought 5% more integrity to my work----
If I brought 5% more integrity to my relationships---
When I do things I'm not proud of----
If I want to take pride in my choices and actions---
I am beginning to suspect----
I am becoming aware---

Now what again does this all have to do with being an artist?
Well I have to admit that when I was starting out with doing the art fairs I was pretty well stuck on what other people had going on in their booths. I still take a look at the way they display things and see if there is a way that might work better for me.  Then I would look at and compare... Something happened and I don't know when bit I had to accept my style or voice in my art and go with it.. I like a lot of different styles of art but what came out of me was a direct influence on my surroundings, up bringing and the things that mean a lot to me.. it's always been about Nature in some way or another.. When in trouble with thoughts I always go to nature to help me find my way. Even on days that I'm most grateful I turn to nature..Sounds a bit weird but that's where my principles are grounded in.. Sounds a bit off the beat and path there but as I sway back to my personal voice in my art I pull from all these resources and feel that the most personal side is shown... I'm not always able to put into words what my art is saying but it's there in my feelings and how it comes across....I hope I'm not coming across like I'm all that...gosh no that's not what I would like to portray at all. but by the old saying we've all heard, Know thyself.  When I know my rights and wrongs and I'm sitting on a good fence with my approach to the world it reflects in all else that I do...what shines is Personal integrity...OK not that I ramble away here I've got to keep doing the dailiness to keep that self-esteem strong.. To the List I go!!

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  1. Expecting a bit too much from yourself can also harm the self esteem when projects can't quite get finished. That's where I'm at anyway. Integrity is a shining sword.


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