Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brains thinking ahead~

Taking care of some business stuff and wanting to be in the studio... I feel like a little kid as of when I'm doing one thing I want to be doing something else and when the time comes around to do it ....darn's time to make dinner or something like that and I figure Oh well why start.... but this morning I do need to get up starts and coat the other side of the sewn papers and possibly glue the three boxes on...My brain is thinking already ahead of me and wants to stretch out these 12 x 12 canvases, I received the stretcher bars for nothing and purchased the canvas a while back and it's calling me...why I don't know but it's calling me..

I dropped off three piece for the Naperville Garden Club Flower Show and was going to stop in to see the Spontaneous show at the North Central College Gallery but time was tight and I passed on it..Plus I forgot my camera...I had go with my son to support him while he looked at a truck he was thinking of buying only to find out it was a piece of trash...Why do people put up a nice picture and you travel an hour to see it and it's looks nothing like what the photo does on line...he was disappointed but he'll find a truck soon Looking for a small S-10 or Ranger... but being young, he wants it now...

I'm feeling a bit down as I've not had the urge to make paper at all...My interest isn't there this time of year...Hmm I had wanted to take some classes at the Columbia College in the book making section with papermaking but the classes never worked with my schedule...I have wanted to see the inside of the papermaking studio...but that's not happened yet.  So I keep a watch...

I've got a couple of lunch and dinner dates today...should be good,


  1. Enjoy the dates! Sounds like you need some good soul time with friends!

  2. Miss Laura .... I found you by total serendipity and divine intervention ... through Cynthia Hellyer Heinz and an old print I discovered and bought at a thrift store yesterday. I saw it and had to have it .. as I do some of my most beloved treasures in my home.

    First .. before I ramble .. I just want to say from one person to another, and from one artist to another ... you are a gift to this world ..not only in your incredible talent .. but in the heart you have and the kindness within it that leads you to share and pass it forward .. a concept I have loved and try to be a part of every day ... to make a difference ... but seen far too rarely. God Bless you, Laura. My husband, Art, (also an artist) are in awe of you.

    Secondly .. I have no idea about this print I've found of Cynthia's, but would love to get more information about her and try to find out what this print is .. when she did it and if it's an original. It appears to be ink or charcoal on paper of an Native American Indian Chief with turban wrapped headdress and smaller figures of 3 Native American Indians on ponies or horses. If you could help me I would be so appreciative.

    I've signed up for your newsletter/blog and look forward to staying in touch and learning much more about your artistic gifts!

    Thank you, Laura .. hope you get more time to create, receive a papermaking beater as a surprise and ... heaven knows .. we all find peace!

    Shannon Simpson, CMP


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