Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Two day's of Studio work

I've switched up my morning routine as of I do my early morning journal writing, this helps me get grounded and centered so that I can focus...lately it's been a bit harder then normal..the age things you know~ but after that I did a quick run around of making the bed and picking up dishes..starting the laundry and making forward motions in everything... Then I went up to the studio as early as possible. One morning I started at 7:30am. I gave myself till about 11:30 or 12:00 then I came down from the studio and did my homestead chores and running around. Had my lunch and then was able to get back up to the studio for a couple more hours. I really needed to do this as of I've gathered tons it seems now of work I did while in class or demo's that I needed to finish up and mat up. A few weeks ago I rotated frames and work, I now have 10- 14 x 24 black frames that I can use for these pieces above... the art work that was in them before is the Old Chevy series that I've moved for bin work... with the way things are I need to rotate the stock a bit. I have to say it was great to be in the studio mass producing but I'm feeling that my art is taking over the spaces all over the house... I can't move barely.. need to hopeful sell this stuff.

Oh I recently was ask to be part of a on-line magazine with the Artella group, they liked my Stained Artist tissue papers in one of my past blog entries... so how exciting.. I do need to take a look at this site a bit better as there seems to be some great things going... but didn't want to sit too long at the computer more then I do already...time sucker is what the elders call it..which I do believe it is but it's also a way of communication.

So my prints are done at the Osio-Browns, I get to pick them up today... excited to see this..big investment for me but I feel that it's a good one. I would like to get some cards and a few calendars too. But will want for more income to come my way...

Many directions but all good ones as of forward~


  1. Lots of good news and the new pieces are delightful. I'm liking the grays the best!

  2. Lots of great work here Laura and lots of lovely time spent in the studio.


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