Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day full of being outside all day

I had intended to hangout in the studio most of the morning. I put the backing and wire on my Moose Calling Moon #9 piece and the description of it too. I had an appointment to pick up my four pieces at Osio-Browns and see the proofs...OMGosh the detail and clarity that they can get. I've not order any prints...My discipline is to finish all of them first and then get the prints.. But prior to that I was going to get started on #10 but the bill paying of the homestead and the art business was calling louder and really needed to be looked at.. so I did it and checked it off the list... My plan was to pick up the art and then go for a walk which happily happened. The woods are so full of wonder..the little chipmunks all over the place. I don't see and deer out there mainly because they don't have to push themselves to find food it's coming up all over the place out there so it's a bit easier... While I was walking I was thinking about other things I could do outside and that brought up the lawn and the landmind details, so...I took care of that and then after that I did my yearly service work of gather trash and what nots out of the Dale Cattail Basin across from my house... the frog activity is amazing out there and I saw the Great blue heron already there looking for a bite. When I finished all this I had three loads of clean cloths to fold and dinner to cook..I had forgotten to pull out the chicken to defrost it early in the day so it ended up being Must Go which was fine for me... I took a shower and relaxed the rest of the evening...Feeling very refreshed today but my eyes are a bit puffy as I think the cattail fluff made my eyes teary... Oh well it will pass.
I start a class tonight for me...I would like to learn how to work the acrylic in a painting and do some abstracts I think...but then I'm just taking it because it a great price and the opportunity was there so don't' know what will happen, it's only 4 weeks long...excited though.
I also fit in a little time at the hardware store to pick up more supplies for my class on Friday... I hope this all turns out.. it's the last class for the season as I shut down teaching for a few months to recharge myself and to focus on art for shows etc.


  1. A great blue heron! I've been spying to see them and not yet! I nearly hit a turkey buzzard on Sunday though... flew right across at bumper height!

  2. Aha you are filling the well dear Laura!

  3. I think you got everything done on your list! Please send some of that energy over here to me. A great day, Laura!


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