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If your interested in take any of my On-line Collage Sketchbook Class  please look over the Guidelines for Classroom Blogging and blog policy to see if this a good fit for you. 

All classes will be held on line in a my classroom blog, to get yourself familiar with blogger you can go here How to use blogger tutorial.  Note it's a bit length but some good stuff on there. 

Collage with an Iron 
(you might have to turn you volume up a bit)

4th Online Class starts August 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 

(classroom blog will close Sept 12th ) 

Class has started, but watch for the Next One Soon~

Refund Policy: Please read the class instructions carefully. Send me an email  ( if you have any questions because once you click “purchase,” the lessons are officially yours. If something comes up that prevents you from fully participating in the class, you’ll still have all the PDF files and links to videos as well as being able to see everyone’s work and read everybody’s comments and my own feedback.   

My first online class has been converted into a instructional guidebook, available in soft cover book and e-book format from Blurb


  1. Hi Laura,
    I am working through your "Learn the Basics of Design with Collage" book and doing the exercises at home. Does the online course take the ideas further or do you think I would find it repetitive?

    1. One can never get enough of design practice I's my life long passion to keep learning it. The classes I teach on line build off of each other but if just taking one by it self you will still get a good understanding of them.

  2. I am not available for an online class in the month of June but I want to take it more than anything! I don't do well learning from books but need the day to day "push" to work. Will you be offering this course again in the near future????

    1. I have this class coming up in August maybe you would like it...?

  3. Hi I missed the August class when will be the next one??

  4. Waiting for the next one, I missed August too.

  5. i would love to take this class but cannot find anywhere to sign up. Help please.

  6. Still waiting, are you going to do it again or should we just forget it?


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