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Hi,  if your interested in take an On-line Collage Sketchbook Class with me please look over the Guidelines for Blogging and blog policy to see if this a good fit for you. All classes will be held on line in a blog format, to get yourself familiar with blogger you can go here with blogger help. You may also like to check out Picmonkey for photo editing.  You will be invited on about about 1 week or so before the class so you can introduce yourself and see how the blog class is set up. 


 Collage with an Iron
The next step in this series of collage class on line guides us to collaging with an iron. We will use magazine pages only and alter them with sandpaper using stencils to create interesting textures on the surface of the papers. Coating of the papers will be done to create a layer that then will be fused together with your own house iron or if you have a tack iron already you can use that. Small exercise  will be done first for a gentle warm up to a larger collage on watercolor paper. Keeping supplies and technique simple so the process can be achieved.
Collage with an Iron Supply Flyer

4 Weeks
Dates:  Jan 27th-Feb 17th 2017

At this Time the Class is Closed,
Question please contact me at lonecrow4 @ gmail.com (not spaces)

Please look over all the blog guidelines and on line policy's at the top of this posting page, Thank you

Refund Policy: Please read the class instructions carefully. Send me an email  (lonecrow4@gmail.com) if you have any questions because once you click “purchase,” the lessons are officially yours. If something comes up that prevents you from fully participating in the class, you’ll still have all the PDF files and links to videos as well as being able to see everyone’s work and read everybody’s comments and my own feedback.   


  1. Hi Laura,
    I'm a little confused :-) as to how this class works. Will all the material basically be reading on-line with pictures of your process? I'm assuming there will not be videos. Please advise. Thanks ~adele

    1. Hi Adele,

      The Blog is set up for a centering place where we come together and post and share out work on line and I can comment just as I'm commenting to you here. In fact the Class Blog will look much like this blog. You will be invited on, and each week in an email format you will receive a pdf lesson plan and a link to a video that corresponds to the lesson. It will also be in a blog post for that weeks lesson. You can share with everyone on line or quietly follow at home and not share or post...and you can do this on you own time as long as you share the links. Once the class is over it will be closed down and you will have the pdf's and the links to the videos...I hope this helps.

  2. Thank you Laura. Looking forward to the class.

  3. Hi laura when is your next online class please? Also l just have my Samsung phone so worried that your videos may be a problem?


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