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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Went to Sandwich Fair Yesterday

 it was hard not to want them, Chickens that is....there were some for sale..but the truth is our piece of property isn't really big enough for the two big dogs and chickens...  but it was sure great to see those big roosters.  The White one just let go a good crow after I snapped a picture.

 All the animals...I had hope to see the Draft Horses but that was Friday...and we went Saturday so they were gone.   But to see the support of families of the next generation of farmers or livestock owners out there proudly grooming their animals and showing them in the arena's was great to see. Everyone trying so hard to keep them all clean and read for show.  I want a goat now too...hahaha. sound like a little kid.

 so this was an idea but turned into a stomach problem later for me...We both Laughed at each other.  I didn't eat all of mine way to much but good...the sugar, oil or corn syrup that was in this..combo of it all made me so crabby...Randy and I were joking that he want to slap me..and I want to slap him...not that we do that to each other but a case of the crabbies set in and wow what an eye opener to witness in each other...I came home and had to take a nap...and then the stomach was not right and keep me up all night...now Sunday morning things are better...but silly as I am I still try to eat foods that I know for sure don't agree thinking that I will skim by it the next time...fooling only myself.  it was still a good time.

Here you could pick out the colors of for a personal rope.  The little girl is turning the handle and twisting the twine and then all of a sudden it twists onto itself and you have a rope for $5 buck that you made yourself...the kids thought it was great.

Was a nice sidetrack of the date to leave early and go to the fair...we left before lunch time when things started to get a bit to crowded for us...we are not crowd people...so it was time to get out of there. 

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