Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pocket Collage Sketchbooks

 Sharing with the communities about collage, It just so happens that my collage work was hanging up at Wauconda Library part of June and just end Yesterday July 27th.  Because time is limited in a busy place like a library I had to prepare the booklets as much as I could before hand.   After my little presentation we all sewed them together to make our own books to collage in.

There a nice size to fit in your purse or a container with some magazine pages, glue sticks and scissors.  I challenged them to complete the whole sketchbook by the end of summer. 

 Their assignment was to decide what the title of their book would be and use Ransom Letter technique of cutting out different fonts and spelling out their words on the cover.

 A few Fellow students showed up which was a wonderful surprise to see them again.

 Some great Titles were showing up.

 These Collages books were done in the first session..I had two workshop sessions.

 A whole family came, Grandma, mom and great is there.  There was another family that came too in the first session. 

 Husband and Wife cute.

 Sample images of my collages in my pocket Collage Sketchbook.

It's always so cool to see the differences of everyone's work..all so special.  Love the personalities showing off.

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