Sunday, December 02, 2018

Much needed break

My charcoal colored mouse I made last night, got some felt so I can stitch one up. 

Have you ever allowed yourself to get obsessed about something in a healthy way? 

 Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It is always a lot of preparations but I think after 15 years of it and a surprise 80th birthday party too in there with thanksgiving we got the family and preparing. This time of year it's not our first rodeo..  Anyways back to what I was rambling about, the creative energy gets used to plan and prepare.  I know that about myself and I kind of shut down..hard as it's also the time of year when the place I teach at are calling for the information to put in their class brochures and on line.  (feelings of being overwhelmed rush in)  Feel a odd pull and then I want to run and hide out.  Such is work...still I want to be doing this when I'm an all white headed elder.  (I"m on my way to that white hair) 

I've had a bug of some kind or the aftermath of the sugar I got into during thanksgiving...really it takes a toll on me.  Such an addict with it.  and lack of sleep.  The husband new hours have me waking up and tossing and turning.  As it all gets out if system and sleep enters in again I'm feeling alive again...  Morning pages lead into my daily idea journal... People have all these different journals and I make a pamphlet journal and document events and ideas in it...I do want to see a whole row of these.  They help me remember about the ideas and inspire me again.  (you see my mind doesn't shut down) 
Questioning my obsession as this year ends with mice and a mouse has me back to sewing.  A few blogs back I  share a mouse I sewed with denim and that was a wonderful learning piece.  Nothing was correct with it but I do love the effort I put into it.  

Sad little mouse, it's like looking at a pug...there ugly but so cute.  I'm usually creating from and preparing for classes or ideas for classes, in between other ideas come and I execute them.  But to find the time to play and just see what happens.  Begin again or be the student...the best attitude is to never  forget your a student and always have that play like attitude.  Which I think I have most of the time.

Came cross an article that Jane Davis shared...yes name dropping there but it was interesting.  In Praise of Mediocrity   I do what I do because every time I seek differently something larger then me brings to me to what I do now...being a abstract mixed media artists who love paper   Though there are things that I want to venture out and pursue besides this that are creative...The book Here.

I'm drawing to books in the hand for journal writing, reading and capturing creative ideas.  And the combination is so cool...but creating things like this puts you more in the process mode as what was shared in the article above.  As stated many times the process part is the best part, its where it all happens.  The RAW stuff, Real Awesome and Whole parts of ourselves combine.  

As I share what  I know...which some days that in itself is still a process or some call it teaching right?  I'm witnessing that human's want to have a finished result in less time.  When being a creative soul we all know it's not about checking this off and Getting her'done attitude.  it's hard as a teacher to share this...that it may take longer and to be stuck in process is the best place.  You learn about yourself and become real. 

With the piece I have upstairs on the drawing table it's been sitting here before Thanksgiving so now that things have passed I'm looking at the piece and yesterday I spent some time in the studio...old friend my studio space so comforting and I do love it so... Part of a season, cycle or just accepting...time away is good, I was creative with food and family.  One can't be constantly working on their art or creative endeavors...we need to step away and then come back home. 

So what am I rambling about...ideas, excitement and inspiration are coming in...The words...Live = Alive might be my word for the year.  Been toying with that too.  I can have two words if I want rules about that is there?  


  1. Yes you can have two words.... I have five or six running around in my head and two seem to be singing the loudest … Listen and faith, focus is in the background trying to push it's way in there too but I'm thinking Listen and Focus are pretty close to being the same thing.

  2. Thanks Helen...good to know I'm not alone on this thought.


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