Saturday, November 17, 2018

Pamphlet Collage Sketchbook

I've been teaching collage for sometime...and I have to admit I have a certain way to teach for different length of time, 1 day to 5 or more days workshops and classes that build upon each other. But I'm not that good at keeping it simple for a 2 hour program.  There's been opportunities I turned away because I wasn't prepared.  

In the preparing of the Holiday feast, cleaning the house and shopping for the food I get a bit nerves so here I am making a little video.  My camera dropped and broke somewhat and I had to do it differently...luckily it worked and I have a tutorial on how to make one of these little collage sketchbooks.  I make them as a small note/sketchbook and carry it around in my purse...sometimes ideas pop out at the odds times and I feel if I don't jot it down they'll float off to someone or somewhere else... 

Let me know what you think about this little book if you make one!!! 


  1. So timely! Will be making one and will post. Thanks Laura!

  2. Thanks would love to see it~


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