Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Mouse....making of one, Win, Win

I found a pattern on Ann Wood Handmade   this pattern is free and well I decided to use what I had and that was some denim and leather for the tail.  I had some book thread and a big needle to get through that leather.  The little pattern..what was I thinking.  What I was thinking it this is a first draft of the experience I  know I was going to have some issue and problems with it...but I did it anyways.  I look into some felt or softer material and different thread and stuffing,  I use cotton balls for this one.  I have a big bag upstairs in the attic full of stuffing to use... 
I feel its a win, win situation...

There's been the spirit of the mouse not in the house but calling upon me and I'm looking it as the winter months come around the corner...there is some insightful stuff to be aware about in my own behavior and personality. 

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