Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Just when you feel a bit understand why....

Comment: Dear Laura,

I just discovered your videos on collage layering. I am a 70 year old woman, cancer survivor and have suffered from anxiety and mild depression for a long time. I care for my 93 year old mother with dementia. That in itself is stressful.

I work part-time and play tennis and ride my bike for exercise. I tell you this because sports have been a fun release for stress. I've tried meditation but didn't stick with it. Found it a bit boring.

My mother dabbled in water color when she was younger. I tried to encourage her to take a senior art class at our local community college, she went to one class, but at her age it was just too much for her. In researching the classes offered I noticed a mixed media class so I decided I would take it.

It has changed my life. Sounds dramatic but it has replaced all the worry and anxiety with a new perspective on my visual world. I find myself pleasantly distracted by everything around me. Finding leaves for the gelii plate I just learned to use. Taking pictures of texture everywhere that I might use in a collage.

I can't afford to take expensive classes or buy expensive art materials so finding your videos online has been a godsend. I've been creating sheets of paper to use in collage. That in itself has been really fun. Making stamps from styro-foam packaging,and sticky foam sheets. But, putting a collage together, layering etc. is where I need the most guidance. I didn't know how to start. The woman that teaches the class I'm taking is very nice but she doesn't explain things in an orderly way.

I've looked at some videos on line that were interesting but needed something that was step-by-step. Your videos on collage layering are exactly what I need.

I want to thank you for sharing your expertise. And doing it for free. You have contributed to creating a much richer and happier life for me. I'm excited to get up every morning, thinking  about what I might create. Mixed media for me is truly therapeutic. For me it's a medium which helps keep my internal critic at bay. If I create a sheet of paper that's a bit goofy, I know I can tear it up and use it in a collage piece. 

I love your work. You are an amazing artist. I love that you explain everything so well. I appreciate the explanation of the materials you use and the detail of your descriptions in your pieces. The shading, the use of white, blocking, everything. All things new to me that I can't wait to try. Your voice is also especially calming and encouraging to me.

I'm sot sure what more I can say except thank you. It means so much to me that I can access your videos, that I needed to let you know.

Most sincerely,
Kathy S

I received this email just the other day...I'm in awe...and grateful to hear this...

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