Friday, October 12, 2018

It's that time of year....

Idea's keep repeating themselves in and on the morning pages... a place that dreams play out till the inner critic steps in....but the ideas...keep coming back. 

What am I reading now....From one that just can't now bit busy...My favorite little spiritual book, As We Understood, The Artist Way Finding Water,  and with my book club it's Women who runs with Wolves...which by the way we have been talking about for some time....First chapter, Singing over the bones.  And the new Brene' Brown, Dare to lead book just came...And a book that is for Art Educator, and a more holistic approach to art...I'm excited...just which I could read them all fast...but that's not the point. Slow and easy with the book in my lap I will savor the words. 

Oh and there is another book that is on my art table upstairs...

this one has some great projects for making of the papers too in the book...Natural ways...
I've been feeling a forward movement to the hand made papers and books.  

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