Sunday, September 09, 2018

Daily Journals

So at the beginning of the year with working with the Artists Way books I've used 140 lb watercolor paper and found papers for the insides.   I carry this around in my purse and to classes etc.  Documenting daily stuff.  Ideas, thoughts, images and things I'm working out in process for art projects.   After having two of these I got the ideas if seeing more like 25 of them...did I just set the intention forward?   Think so... I have now only three but looking back at them I see how some ideas are coming to completions and others I still want to look into.

Looking at them side ways...goofy I know but love seeing the repeated pages. 

Recent daily journal with the ideas of how to hang the artwork together without putting nails in the wall.. 

got some ideas for a class coming up so I'm doodling and noodling it out. 

I know it's a waste of printer ink but I've been taking photo's and printing them out and adding them into the pages...documenting the project I'm working on.. 

first book with a photo of the Artists way table and some papers colors I've made for the years beginning project I did. 

Quit carrying the suitcase around of life's so over stuffed it's time to lighten the load. 

Here's a idea that I would like to go back into at some point...This is when I wondering why look at others art for ideas....people do that all the time and If I did that I would get sticking close to my own drawings is safer... and I bring most of them to life or close to most of them.  


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours,