Monday, July 16, 2018

You. Collage Meditation this morning.

This morning at 6:00 am my oldest daughter left for a two week camping road trip, from IL to Nova Scotia.  She's been talking about this for sometime and preparing for it.  I think of these trips like a vision quest, walk a-bout,  soul searching time.  She was laid off from Whole Foods Market...after Amazon took over and decided to omit graphic artists and marketing now she's into her severance and will be looking hard when she gets back.  She had mixed feelings about this but it's a perfect time to go before a new job might come her way. 

So after morning pages...chatting to myself on the page about how cool this is, I want to put more good words out there for her that she is able to experience what she needs right now.  

I'm happy share that My little Store is doing well on On-Line... 
Another one is being sent out today become a vision on someone else walls. 

This little piece was up in Woodwalk Gallery last year and came home early this year and now is having a bit of a road trip itself. 

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