Thursday, July 26, 2018

So what do you do when your Burnt Out?

Create for yourself....I have the ability to go to the studio every day and all day.  I can and sometimes do put in a good 8 hours...either creating art, papers or lesson plans etc.  Last year had wanted to make my own drums and this year I wanted to paint on I got the leather paints which I'm not the happiest about but working them...on this first drum.  The green half ring is for the Earth and the Blue half ring is for the sky. I'm building up the layers of the bison will be all the dark fur around the head, neck front legs and mid back. 

This little book was created some what in Tuesday Nights class, Eco Dying and yesterday I cut and folded papers, fused the papers I made to the covers and last night while watching a bit of TV...I stitched it together.  

This last week I created these three little Pocket Journals.  There about 3 x 4 and 2.5 by 4ish... 
I think I've fallen in love with their size and that there small.  Nothing fancy, just simple and fit in your hand...then into your pocket of a purse or back pack. 

I just read in the book Dancing with the Gods, by Kent Neuburn..about when your burnt out on one creative art endeavor work in a different one.   And Like any good job, you need to take a something totally different.  And In Julia Cameron's books Artist Way you can take an artist date, to refill the well of image ideas...and my favorite place is outside in the woods...been doing that and something about a needle and pulling the threads through the little holes that just calms this crazy creative down...and helps me center and regain balance. 

I do love paper...all kinds did I say that before?  

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