Thursday, July 05, 2018

In the studio on the 4th

So the other day I played with the scroll saw and cut a book, and then a few days passed and I'm walking in the woods with ideas flooding my brain...not sure where their all going but yesterday I put most of them into action.   I wanted to have cut out in a wood panel so I could put a house in there...then it was going to be a book...then it became a book wrapped in engineer plans. I  decided I love the folds of the paper that become visible with the glazing process. 

Next thing I'm pushing back the lines and diagrams on the engineer plans with gesso and coating the papers in preparation of fusing them on the wood panel...still not sure going on "more will be revealed" 

Then with the left over part of the book I dissected it and used the scroll saw again and cut it down some more, the book that is.  Using the books title as inspiration and the font...I started making an armature of a nest, one that hangs down and is longer.   Should have looked at the picture of one first...Oh well going with it .  Probably some staining of the wood panel and some bees wax over the papers to taint them and give them a bit of character...or Not. 

It was a hot Fourth of July and our four legged friends are not to fond of the fireworks so we keep a low relaxed day of it. Because we know what we're in for as the day end...shaking in bed between the both of us...a big black Great Dane... 

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