Sunday, June 24, 2018

The stream continues to flow.... The words and their meaning for me

I've always been drawn to the circle, sitting with people around a table listening, taking turns sharing.  In my last few Artist Way Session I've used The Circle Way of working with people in a group setting. 

It is important to go clock wise when sharing around in a circle, I've head this 
Their is a center area that we enter into by bringing in some that has mean to us and is small about palm size, 
As one enters with their object words are shared.  And with the Artist Way session we have checking in and with the check in as of what's happened with in the week we hold a talking stick.  

Having respect and speaking only if you hold the talking stick is hard for some, as we are so use to spilling out our thoughts and opinions. Most of us have thoughts as we enter but by the time it comes to our turn to speak, what we thought was all important does matter and the heart begins to speak for a place of good orderly directions.  (my experience) 

So the artist way group of creative souls has continued to keep communication via emails some gathers during the summer month has been done already which is Way Cool 

One of our tribe's good positive activity was to have us each pick words out of a box of Louis Hay's affirmations magnets. The Words in bold type are what we all picked....and that was a few weeks ago...and I'm not just reflecting on it and it's meaning for me... 

In the Circle Way of gathering...there's a motion of sacredness when a candle is light or a centering and entering. 
I begin... 
I enter in with the smell of Egyptian Musk~ awaken the sense of Smell. 

Go about Happy.....This brings an action step in...Go/do -to choice to be happy in your day.  
      Perspectivea particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

Talk your walk, Walk your true to yourself~ 

Allow Peace.... Giving ourselves permission to be in peace.  All the whirling of thoughts that hinder our thinking, that can stop us from really quieting down, being of the earth realm/humble and listening to our heart centers.  Peace- freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.

Choose Release.....Giving ourselves again the allowance to choose something that we can make change for the better in our spirits of beings is a gift.  But the gift comes with introspective work of knowing yourself and what is not serving us any more...and let's put as what Brene Brown says..."Bull Sh^t ! "  don't waste the time...hanging on to things that don't serve us...Release- allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely. 

So what I'm gathering is...action on our part, being responsible for what we can do as of choices...some how being free to make choices about how we will see, feel and understand our lives seem to get set a side like we have not say.  I/ we may have no say over many things going in this world but our/my thinking is where I do have some choices...

Pose the questions to you all~

What isn't serving my thinking ?   for me it's Fear....fear doesn't serve me well at all, it allows a train wreck of distorted thinking that isn't true. Though it is an awareness, a wake up call to be aware and continue to keep learning and seeking flow of go~

What is it that I want to release ?  I want to release the end destination....that seem to govern a controlled process and be in the width of the journey.  Success and failure are a mere perspective.

If I could give myself the allowed peace what would that look like?  I would seek a simpler life, cut back on extra, be in the moment of life more and continue to connect with a higher presences through my creativity and spirituality.  Bring it closer together allows me to understand myself and the greater meaning of life as I understand it in my human form. 

I exit out of the circle with a great sense of Love~ 

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