Thursday, June 07, 2018

Demo and Exercises in process

So we did a few collage sketches the first day....and then as we started to make our papers we tried to focus on one or two that we could build a palette with. 

Circle Home
12 x 12 
Collage on Canvas, continuing my house/home theme.

The basic's
6 x 12 on watercolor paper, 
this one will be able to fit on a wood panel 6 x 12, which I'll do when I get home. 

As I do in my workshop is practice the process and the steps so we are better prepared to move into our own works on canvas and wood panels.  So we are starting with a 6 x 6 and everyone is given a red piece of paper....and that is to be a red roof of their making. And we need a sky and foreground the rest is intuitive guided as we go along. 

Everyone that does one of the Red Roofs, now belongs officially to the Red Roof Society. 

 The last exercise is a 6 x 6 without a taped edge.   This one everyone was allow to use my scraps and pick 5 more pieces...what fun to see them compose these little gems.

 So after the Red Roof they are to make a micro mini one....and wow we have gotten some dynamic ones. The tape gets cut off and there will be clean edges.

All Nine, Red Roofs are complete and we are just delighted. 

I think we are missing one but this is our 2 x 2 micro mini's, we only did one and has to use the scrapes from the left over piece of the Red Roofs.

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