Sunday, April 01, 2018

I would like to make one...

Small Coptic stich journal, 2 x 23/4
Lots of rusty bits, some tucked in the pages
String, wrapped around tied
Dye bath of
Dried Hibiscus flowers\Black tea, Turmeric powder

Happy Hopping Holiday 

Filled with inspiration.....

This is so cool....

what if I want to be a coptic stitch journal artist?    I am but would like to explore it further.

So as I'm make breakfast on the counter next to the stove...I whip out a brown grocery bag and start measuring and cut.  2 3/4 by 2....time to turn the little sausage links....

got the strips cut not knowing how many I need or will it be enough...kind of scary this morning, I'm a bit obsessed about doing this. 

Luckily everyone was doing there own thing....I'm cook breakfast for myself, also trying to get my words and thoughts right for a class and cutting and folding...I'm telling myself I'm going for it...all of it at once. Multi tasking to the Max!!!    No really it did come over me this morning and now I am slowing down to finish the breakfast and ramble on about things but later today I'll be stitch this little bad girl up and see what to do next.  I may not dye it because of the brown paper but at least I'll have a good idea about size and what can happen....the rest will be in a dye vat!!!


  1. I can't access the video. Darn!

  2. I double checked it out...may be so many were trying at the same time...She's getting a lot of looks I'm sure.

  3. I was able to watch it now. Thanks, Laura. :)


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