Monday, March 05, 2018

This Past Weekend....

 Back yard, fire pit area and tall grasses, dead heads and stems from my flowers...leave will be coming off next.  I leave them on for the little four legged one that burrow under then and for a natural cycle of decomposing. 
The fire pit was full and started it with them dried grasses...I love this part of burning and than the ash goes back into my little garden beds.  

 Had a start and was able to finish is...
 Mats cut frame is here and need to cut glass...then frame it up this week and have it ready for April. feeling very good about that.

The last series of this exhibit will be inspired by this piece.  The piece/sketch is called finding good order direction which so fitting now...I will be doing some experimenting on the papers to be made to get the effect I got from sanding the magazines and then putting lines in it too.  Process enjoy that.  

Last day in my Abstract Mini Landscape class and this is the piece I made while the students were working on there's...added a bit of image transfer in there at the top, two hand prints and the lettering.  They wanted to know about image transfers.  So we played around with some. 

On to a new week....


  1. I like how colorful your collages are becoming.

  2. Thanks Janet....I float around with the color thing...


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