Monday, March 12, 2018

Paper for Collage-It's not that simple

Brown paper packing paper or your paper grocery bags-recycle them. Rumor is Collage artists were the first with that throw some Gesso on there and work your whole body spreading the gesso over the surface, building the thickness, strength of the paper. 

After putting on my acrylics to hopeful replicate a magazine page that was sanded. The situation was I need a large amount of this paper for the next four piece I'm needing to make. This is when the creative juice need to step up to the challenge..How do I do that? 
When the paper was dried I was able to crinkle it 

After I crinkle it I opened up and the high peaks will be where the sand paper hits and pulls away the top layer and I was hoping to see the gesso layer..... 

Happy to say it worked....I was so delighted, this will open up a few other doors later for papers I want to make. Wasn't sure it would work but this where you have to give a go and see if not it would still be paper I could use some where along the way. 

Lime Green and the blue...what a wonderful combination of color...throw in some raw sienna and black...look out. The Colors have me captivated. 

This paper was the paper under neath all other papers as I was creating...then I added a bit more of each color and a bit of white and there you go...littler value to add to any darker ones. It's made to be cut up...but sometime these kind of papers give way to a nice painted piece on it's own. 

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