Monday, March 19, 2018

LaGrange Art League-Recap, Day 3....the last minute

 As you can see by the works in front of you, this artists were in process fully and working the layers and papers so well.  I'm so proud of everyone's work.

A few of the exercise finished from day 2. Of course you never want to not warm up before the really process session gets going. So working very small and then trying the glazing, shadowing and images transfers were all tried with theses. Then ended up being a nice little series. As we used all the same papers in each one but the composition might have started off a Vertical or Horizontal.  No intimidates with the white surface in this workshop. 

We worked to the last minute in the workshops....from my side of the room I would say that there were a lot of great pieces that would need just a little bit of tweeking and they will be done and a whole lot more that are on there way...and I seen smiles heading out the door.  

We work hard at creating a palette to work with in our collages, a palette from the Heart...and wonderful works come from the heart. 

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