Thursday, March 29, 2018

Inflow....HALT....the path is never straight

Words from Walking in this World, Week 6

The act of making art requires sensitivity, and when we cultivate sufficient sensitivity for our art, we often find that the tumult of life takes a very high toll on our psyches. We become overwrought and overtired. Our energies are drained not by coping with our output of creative energy but from coping with the ceaseless inflow of distractions and distresses that bid for our time, attention, and emotional involvement. As artist we are great listeners, and as the volume is pitched too high, our inner ear and our inner work suffer.

We listen to others deeply and sometimes too deeply for our own good. We are susceptible to their hurt feelings and their pouting when we withdraw, and so sometimes we do listen to them even as our creative energy ebbs out of our own life and into theirs. This creates exhaustion, irritation, and finally rage.

As artists, our inflow level must be kept manageable and we must “train” our friends and families and colleagues at work when and how we need our space, both physical and psyche. Set time for calls when working on our creative stuff or no calls after a certain hour.

For many artists, expressing is almost a matter of emptying themselves to let inspiration move through them. We do not want to be in our human personalities and concerns when we are in the midst of creating.

An artist requires solitude and quiet- which is different from solemnity and isolation. Artists require respect for their thoughts and their process but that respect must start with us. An artist needs to be treated well –but often we are the ones who must begin that treatment, and one way we do it is by carefully setting our own value on how much inflow is allowed to come into us.

This morning on my pages of in my journal as I was reading this from Week 6,  I know I have to be aware of my own behavior...and how important it's been to spill out on the page in the beginning of the day.  Though some days it's just other days when it's a sticky spill of maple syrup to just a cup of coffee.  I find it boils down to be adult about it and clean up your mess...

So along with spill life's inner and out effects on the morning pages there is the other practices of checking in on yourself...Daily self care and self awareness,  As Julia quotes, if you want to work on your art, then work on your life.  It's a dual relationships.  I've known this for way to long.  

So I share some thing that is said in many other ways lately but stands out simple with HALT 

It’s simple enough, when these basic needs are not met, we are susceptible to self-destructive behavior.  Hunger, anger, loneliness and tiredness are easy to address and serve as a warning system before things reach a breaking point.

Hunger – can be physical or emotional need. Eat but eat well, meet nutritional needs that allow our bodies to operate to the highest potential.  And will keep us feeling better. Hunger can be described as need for affection, accomplishment, and understanding. Support systems are so important for us-12 step groups. Food for your heart. To ease hunger don’t turn to destructive habits or negative people. How many times have we done that?  This is not fill the physical or emotional emptiness that you’re feeling. Instead, find something wholesome to eat with a good friend or loved one. 

Anger- a normal, healthy emotion to experience. It’s takes time to understand what is causing your anger and know how to properly express it. Not matter what bothers you, assess whether you can confront what is angering you. If what it angering you is out of your control or you aren’t ready to confront the issue, try to express yourself in other ways. Exercise, cleaning, get rid of the excess energy anger brings with it. Regardless of how you expel your anger, make sure you acknowledge it and reflect upon is causes so you can then release it in constructive not destructive, ways.

Loneliness-it can happen when we are by ourselves or surrounded by a crowd of people. We can isolate ourselves when we don’t feel like others can understand us, withdrawing into ourselves out of fear or doubt. Being alone is a self-imposed situation. If you’re feeling lonely, HALT and ask yourself if you have reached out to anyone lately.  Your 12-step fellowship is there for you when you feel depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, or if you just need someone to talk to. Rather then hiding from everyone and returning to old destructive behaviors reach out and connect with others, this is a We Program for both the alcoholics/substance abusers and those that love them.

Tiredness-Being tired can take its toll on our mind, body and spirit. Our days may be filled with errands, meetings, and activities it is easy to ignore how tired we become. Running on low energy compromises our ability to think and our capacity to cope. Satisfying the physical need to sleep, rest, and rejuvenate is critical to keeping healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Recharging your body, mind an spirit will help you get through tough moments and maintain healthier thinking.

HALT is a good reminder to all of us that we need to take care of our basic needs every day. An honest assessment of how your feeling can take only a minute.

·       Am I receiving distorted and twisted messages for my needs?
·       It’s about self-care and self-awareness it’s your responsibility.

    So now feeling much better about what is happening...the flow in my life was overflowing, even though it's been all good...balance, personal self care is always must...and I truly wished I had this into a better routine. I have good support groups of people, women and family... It's hard and unpredictable...and a lot of uncertainty along with joy, gratitude and peace.  Life is art and Art is life.  I'm constantly checking on my sanity...and this year I'm more aware of it and trying to stay in the Heart spot instead of the head of ruminating and distorted, twisted messages about life.  

I   I've been told maybe I need to see some one...and I say how about a walk in the woods...much better natural medicine for finding Good Orderly Direction....and with that my fingers have gone way past their typing the butt and on with the day.  


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