Saturday, March 31, 2018

Found some favorites

Yesterday instead of doing what I thought I should do I side tracked to an artist date at Goodwill, been hunting down a cabinet or dresser of sorts but found honey oak chairs to go with my kitchen table.  4 tall backs one and 3 medium ones...and One bar stool that is really old.  This prompted a move of things from in the utility room to the kitchen and a new utility shelving unit to house some things that the upper cabinets don't fit.   I had to de-clutter and sort through some other things and found too things I was saving and wanted to use. A book marker made by Karen R. and a heart card from a dear friend of mine...I took it out of the envelope and glued it in to my common place journal...which is a journal that made to carry around in my purse and glue, write and sketch in.

So we have new to us kitchen chairs for a birthday gathering for my oldest daughter tonight.  Stevie Kay is 33 years old....feeling old but grateful to witness her life.

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