Sunday, February 11, 2018

Early Morning

The husband got the call on the Bat Phone(got to go out to snowplow)...we joke about it in the house when the boss calls,  Dad's bat phone is ringing!   Honey your Bat phone is ringing...he hates to hug the phone while he's home.  So the call came at 3:40 this morning...and I tried to go back to bed but my 4:15 I was up kissing him good bye.  Starting my morning pages and then the urge to go walking by myself with out my dogs...right?  that sounds so odd but I bundled up and ventured out. The white of the snow light up the area so no need for a flashlight at 6:00 am. The snow plows went by earlier so the streets weren't to bad.  I so enjoy the solitude and the paper guy puttering around the neighborhood delivering the paper.  There was small paw prints for a cat I saw but nothing else...everyone is hunkering down to keep warm.  I walked for about an hour around the neighborhood...a good 2.5 miles with extra clothes and big heavy boots.  I felt I got a good workout and then shoveled some snow in the back for the dogs. 

Today will be more paperwork to do....some house bills and preparing for class tomorrow.  So very excited as this is a new class 15 students working with the Artist way third book-Walking in the World, The practical art of creativity....need to look up the word practical- definition of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.  So this is going to be about Doing or Using our Creativity...I'm excited.  

I wonder what I would be doing if I wasn't spinning about three or four different jobs at once. Seems to be my make-up.  Well as far back as I can remember.  

Well got happy hormones going in the right direction because of the exercise endorphaine!!! 

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  1. Lady, you can spin all those jobs at the same time because you do things like walk in the early morning snow all by yourself. You know how to fill the well.


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