Saturday, February 03, 2018

Continual exercises shared....from Learn the basics of design with collage

This assignment has to do with texture and how you see it and touch it and draw it....not much drawing in this instructional guide but it is a way to understand how to express it in your work.

On to Shapes

Continued works...on  Color, Shapes, and Texture.  On the next three the assignment was to let it rest a bit like a week and come back and do one more of each assignment. Seeing how things sink in and what you think about and the hardest as Lorraine as shed with me is to keep it simple. 

More from Lorraine's sketchbook can be seen here at this Link 


  1. There is a different point of view looking at my sketchbook pages very small. Interesting.
    I know you work with size all the time, like now, the magazine compositional sketches you posted are small. Sometimes you challenge yourself to work very large.
    What do you envision the final compositions sizes of what you're working on?

  2. Good question...with this series of work the sketches are about 8" square and I will make another one the same size 8 x 8 " with the papers I make and then after that I seem to make one big one and vary on the other sizes. I'm trying to clean my closet out of wooden panels I have stocked up. With this series there a square theme and a long tall vertical both surfaces I like to work on. Usually I pick a size first and set a limit and shot for of make 15- 20 x 20 piece of work with this theme...etc.


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