Sunday, January 07, 2018

Vision Board 2018 Workshop

My Creative Vision Board for 2018, 
My word is Heart, 
and I am very please with the imagery I found and place on the board. 

To prepare for this Annual Ceremony I took a nice shower and then I like to do yoga. After completing that I prepare the area for a smudging prayer, inviting all the directions in and to start with a pure heart of good intention for the year. 
My images were already pulled out of magazines and some printed off the computer, I had them sorted by size, some for back ground and medium, and small with a pile of words. 
I also had a picture of myself which I placed in a area that when I break down the image in to cards it falls into place for the May-June which is my birthday. 

 After the vision board is complete I then laminate it so it's all protected and will last through out the year.  Then I bring it into Photoshop and worked the sections in to 6 parts which will work for two months at a time. 
this is Jan-Feb...which is very fitting for me. Being mindful of my mind body and spirit...allow for breathing space... I realized with going all the time I do breath right...Yoga helps with that...but taking extra time helps me calm down a bit to take the next you see with the crow ready to move on the stepping stones.  And Yesterday I had to order some supplies and I was able to purchase some long pheasant feathers...the long black and white ones are pretty prices...The coyote is there to help me not play tricks on my thinking...and the black eagle is to help me have a bigger perspective on life.  

This card will be for March-April....The word Resilience is in there....not sure what this card will guide me with...I will wait for it to be revealed. 

 Birthday Month...May-June, June 20th this year I'll be 57 years old...and seeing the word hands...their my tools for working with and I have to honor them better...

                          July - August...I do want to see the bison that are close by...

 September - October 

 and this will be November -December 

This one is a second Vision board....makes me wonder what am I doing but these images all were in my stash from the first board I did a few days earlier.  I was asked where Jane Fonda was and well she's in this one...she's my mentor this year...and then I found Georgia O'Keeffe, just had to place there in there... Love he Netflix show, Grace and Frankie...which my husband shared with me when I get into my spiritual side....pulling a Frankie are you?   I did need to pull the mouse meaning out along with the eagle with the bison and bear....working the four directions this year...which means for me when making choices or problems arise I will bring to the medicine wheel and walk in my mind around to these four directions and the medicine of these spirit animals for guidance...I'll share at a latter date.  Please note that the images and the process has been part of my own personal journey and others can and do add their own spin on a wonderful annual ceremony for yourself...yes its only poster board, magazines, glue sticks and maybe some crayons...Now some jump in to freezing cold water at the beginning of the year...we each find what fits for us.  There's the beauty...and my future for this year is important to me...areas that I will face and other that I will release and leave behind.

Here is the Workshop that was presented Jan 6th 2018 

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  1. Liked the wordless video and contemplative music, as well as your thoughts on the human condition - or more specifically, YOUR condition. Sharing your life and self, as well as your processes is more than inspiring, it's surviving. Something about making art has to do with overcoming things. You continue to reveal the whole mixed bag of traits that real human beings posses. You demonstrate that our flaws and weaknesses, which often get in the way of overcoming things, are a source of strength as well.
    Thank you for reminding me what matters most: the process - the experience of shaping art, and the journey: the experience of being human.


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