Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New book published

Hi Everyone,  I'm sharing some news....it's taken me a while but I finally pushed the button and made it happen with the self publishing company Blurb, it's a print on demand, if you interested Click Here 
There's plans...and a few more Volumes will be coming out. (just had to get this one out first.)  There created to be simple, self instructional and basic to learn the design skills needed to build upon in your art making process. I feel we learn best by doing and putting it into motion and really seeing for ourselves how it all works...That's how I did it with a few good books and practice.


  1. Congratulations !!!! You pushed the button and made it happen. In actuality, to make this happen has taken you a life-time. A life-time full of creativity - full of different ways of seeing and lots of hard work.
    And I couldn't agree more with your words about learning by doing.
    Laura, I'm going to put things in motion, and really try to see how it all works out.
    I bought your book. It will be like a personal, one-on-one workshop with you!


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