Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Change over....

Doing it Old School,  I learned a few years back (23 years in fact) To keep track of all that you do and it to show proof that you did do things things just in case of taxes etc.  The scare put me in to obsessive gear and I write it down and use my stapler and keep record.  This helps me because I keep notes on discussion I have with galleries, art center extra.  With purchase of a new toy...label maker I set my sights on cleaning out the file cabinet.   I know you can do it on the computer...which I do that too but this is my physical in my hand kind of  stuff. 

My files in the cabinet are done and now my book where I keep all my receipts of all my transaction for the art business. Probably over kill as of who knows what will happen with taxes and business deduction for this new year. 

Now to pay my Ill State Sales Tax and prepare for the 4th quarter fed and state....but I'm ready to make it easier for myself this year with filing.   I had a system but it was hand scribbled on folders and stuffed in and it got to the point I couldn't find a thing if I needed.   I thought I was doing a good job but when I had to look...I dreaded going there. 

Off to do some yoga and tend to the day....Wishing you a good one 


  1. Thank you Laura, for your creative blessings and for the peace and clarity you bring to your blog.
    There are no words to describe my gratitude for the many ways I have been impacted by your collage chatter, by your art, and by your life. I look forward to another year of being inspired by you and your big heart! Because of women like you, the world is a better place❤️

    1. Oh honey...I feel a Big Gush....Thank you and right back at you...


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