Monday, January 15, 2018

Art Journaling do I compare?

 Bee Balm-Monarda

Some other kind of mint family plant....square to figure out which one...not time now.

Used a quote in the book and tore it out and placed it here upon the page with the really prairie grass...   My art journal looks nothing like my artwork...well it does but doesn't I think it's in the process work and letting go of perfect and just letting it spill out and intuitive listening to what come next...which of course is never revealed head of the time.

Well off to class...last artist way this morning... 13 weeks we have been meeting Wow!  amazing for sure.


  1. Not sure exactly what you are comparing when you ask yourself that question...
    a journal page/sketch vs for-sale artwork? Are you looking at how you used the elements and principles? Or are you simply wondering if/why you should compare them at all?
    And I too was curious about the Mint Family of plants - Lamiaceae
    For the beginning botanist, all you really need to know is, square stalks, simple opposite leaves and aromatic.
    There are a handful of other plants with square stems and opposite leaves which may be confused with Mints, but they are not aromatic...Loosestrife, Verbena and Stinging Nettle to name a few.
    If you need to know more about specific plants in the Mint Family, you have to look at the flower structures­čî╗

    1. Being that I so enjoy the process of spontaneous creating in the art journaling and that I don't do more of it....just other life things going on...and I won't go into the list...when I do create in the books with a spillage of self express the inner critic starts to play head games...well my goal is to get into the heart more this year then the head....And thanks for the plant info...


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