Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Place to Bark and a New Art Bag-Laughing Dog Arts

Just a few weeks ago in my Artists Way class,  A dear friend Robin.. Wonderful Artist too came in to class with a really cool bag...I just fell in love with it and asked here where she got it.   (thinking to myself...I would like to buy myself a gift.)   She showed it off, I even loved it more and shared where she got it from.   Jan B at Laughing Dog Arts  and it's reversible you can see above I love natural colors and black and white plus I love the turquoises and oranges depending on the mood I'm in I've got an art bag to fit it.  Bonus is  big pockets, 4 of wonderful.  This bag is so well made and the colored stitching states that too. Going to use it Monday when I go to class!!! 

I took a picture of Robin and her art bag and sent it to Jan and like a little kid said I want one, are you making them.  And she got back to me and let me know she could but the deal was I would have to make a $50.00 donation to A Place To Bark, which I did.  And yesterday I received it in the mail...

Take a look at Jan's Blog and the gracious heart and giving soul she is....Thank You Jan....

I have to say Gracie...our bloodhound/Lab was so on the bag with her nose smelling up all the critters from you home, I'm going to have to watch out...being she's still a pup and has a tendency to chew things to put it up high when I'm not using it.  


  1. So happy you like the bag, Laura. I sure enjoyed making it for you since you picked colors I'd have picked.


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