Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book on Tape....Road Trip

Pictures are from a past workshop there at Shake Rag Alley 

Music is important to have....but lately I've been enjoying a book on tape,  My last one was Braving the Wilderness from Brene Brown...I drive around doing  errands and listen to it weeks in a row.  But this road trip has me traveling to Mineral Point WI, to Shake Rag Alley,    I got it just in time at the Library...the Magnolia Story about Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'm excited to listen to it on the road...Good positive people and story... love it. 

Shake Rag is a great place to stay, eat and learn a new craft or work with some amazing artists.  It will be my first year and I'm tickled that they have asked me to come back next year too....a bit surprised and  blessed too.  Means I got to get on stuff here and up dating my website there are  a few new place I'll be teaching come 2018.  All within driving distance which I'm happen about...I can bring my supplies with me. Flying it's not for me...though I'm not scared to fly,  I just would rather see the land and change of it plus get a real feeling for what's going on instead of flying over. Sure it's a bigger picture from up high..and by the time to get to the airport hours earlier...check in and through...get on then get off some where because it's never a straight flight then get back on and you are spending the same amount of is to each her own...right?  Rambling. I'm a road trip kind of gal. 

Any ways...full workshop, excited as a little kid and feeling very grateful.. 

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