Saturday, September 02, 2017

Moving on to another card-Creative Vision Board 2017

This is card Five....I some how decided to break up my vision board and work with sections of it...though the whole vision board is visible to me I look upon areas with great interests.   I've take the vision board below and used my computer to crop and make six cards.  This is the card for September and October.  The Sandhill Cranes session I would say..where the bring the migration south...but the seem to know about the season down there and wait it out till the hurricanes have subsided. 
The words next to the Sandhill crane say..."The Artist finds spiritual expression and beauty as well as personal expression, through painting, drawing, sculpture, music dance and poetry." 

The meaning about Whole Living...can mean many things but I know I will be looking into it even more these next two months. 

Creative Vision Board 2017...The year is going by so fast...

Date has been set for 2018....more details Here 


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