Saturday, September 23, 2017


The Gift came yesterday morning while I was out walking in the woods, the Husband ordered it...Better then flowers...

So we did this silly thing and use contact paper on the old walls...way back when...Very Tacky-lol, but it visually hide some stuff...not recommend to do but when you have a little budget you do what you can.

had to cut the tub/shower out to get to the new bathroom area and still keep the old toilet and sink.

Generations of reconstruction and under-construction help prepare you for this day it brings such excitement when it's "DEMO DAYS"   We have a Waste Box in the driveway where I had my tents for the outdoor studio exhibit a few weeks ago.  I know my husband is so happy to be at this point...the three years it took to get the bathroom going was a lot of life and procrastination of some difficult stuff to do underneath.  The plumbing for this new bathroom had a lot of noodling out to do and was in some difficult areas but it now done...Shelves where hung last night in the new bathroom closet and I will be transferring over the items into it today.   This whole section will be gone and opened plywood will be place on the floor..not right away..$ needs for that but we are inching our way.  Over 32 years ago we bought this house because a elder couple purchased it  and he got sick and  they had to move...which in fact the husband kindly helped them move into their new apartment.  We then moved in two months after that in May of 1985...Stevie our oldest was just two months old.  The house was a 24 ft. x 24 ft cap cod style house...

Now it's expanded like the a huge Salt box style house....

Well time to go and walk the dogs so they are not underfoot and we can being this process...


  1. Nice to see the progess!

    1. That it is Hon...that it is. Big changes for Thanksgiving...!!!


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