Tuesday, September 26, 2017

As a Crow Flies on Exhibit-Union Street Gallery

As a Crow Flies, 
40 x 40 - 6 wood panels 
Fine Art America Prints available-Here 

This piece came together for my love of crows and the place I live, close to the country and just a jot down the road to the big city.  Growing up with the love of the good earth passed on from my mother and father, I've carried that in my belief system. Some people have religion, others have muses or angels. I myself have Nature as my spiritual guide. Mentoring me along my path with the understanding of the crow’s medicine which helps me restore balance and to know that there is a natural law to follow.   I turn to daily walks in the woods to listen for the unspoken words, sometimes in the lone darkness she creates this void, which can be scary as much as the unknown of life itself but I put my trust in her hands, Mother Earth and all seems to work out. (Total weight of piece is 32 lbs.) 

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