Thursday, July 06, 2017


I finally finished a book I've been reading now for the last three months...I'm a slow reader but mainly what happens is I start reading depending if it's in bed or my living room chair and I fall asleep...three or so pages..  So you can see it's hard to get anywhere that way.

I was reading The Lilypad List by Marin Van Eyk McCain...she's got another book Greenspan that I want to read too. The book was about living a simple life...I so want that but I think my nature and what in my Gene pool don't allow it but I try to fake it now and then.

I'm going to share the list she give you...

The LilyPad List- by Marin van Eyk McCain
A check list of reminders that will Keep your life simple
1. Everything is Perfect:
                No need to play the blame game-including self-blame.
                Remember: There are no mistakes, only outcomes
2. Time Out is Essentials:
                Keep ‘alone time,’ space and silence always in your life
                Remember: Set aside weeks per year, hours per week, minutes per day
3. Sensory Awareness is the Key to Delight:
                Keep coming to your senses
                Remember: We are all hunter-gatherers in our genes
4. We can trust the process:
                Flow with the river of life, whatever happens
                Remember: Change and uncertainty are inevitable,. It is just a dance of energy.
5. We are all cells of the living earth:
                Always think like a molecule
                Remember: What is good for the cell is good for the planet
6. We all make a difference:
                By living simply, you are making a difference
                Remember: be the change you want to see happen in the world
7. There is only the now moment:
                Learn and practice mindfulness

                Remember: When you stay in the now, the simple life is a simple matter

Number 4 about trusting the process caught my eye, Flow with the river of life.  I know that change is inevitable but to think about uncertainty as another thing that inevitable in life and that these to things that happen in life are a dance with energy...I was in awe with this.  Call me crazy but I do enjoy learning about life stuff this way.   

So on my walk yesterday morning which I so needed to reconnect to my own personal and life's rhythms I came around a bend on the trail and there about 5 feet away was a doe in the tall grasses looking up at me and chewing away and not moving...that to me was a moment of trust.  She didn't go or move away just stayed there eating with a beautiful rich rusty coat.  I was the one that walked away with much gratitude.   

Many time I cycle about purpose where I'm head and what I'm suppose to do and with relationships to the people you life and how that's all to work out and with out any instruction how is one to know...I'm one that seems to feel secure in knowing before hand and it just can't always you trust the process.   

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